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Commercial Roofing

We have the experience and knowledge to take care of your commercial roofing needs.



If you are looking for a roofing company near, Sky Light Roofing’s #1 mission is to become your first choice for your commercial roofing needs. 
We understand that we won’t achieve this goal without showing the results first. That is why we make sure your building stays protected by conducting a thorough inspection before deciding the right materials for the job, we give you a clear estimate of the roof replacement or roof repair cost. Combine with our years of experience we have on the field our main goal is to deliver the best quality job so we can also become your #1 recommended roofing contractors. 



Your commercial building’s roof naturally becomes the first protection layer, especially in an area like central Florida, where hazards like wind and rain can create serious damages. Other contributing factors we must take into consideration is the Orlando area heat and humidity we experience most time during the year. Every day your roof is exposed to all these natural elements and therefore there’s a higher risk of deterioration.


To protect your building it is recommended by roofing contractors to schedule an inspection at least twice a year, and every time after a major storm or hurricane. Extreme weather like ours can result in very expensive damage, especially for industrial roofing. Regular maintenance and repairs as needed could help you avoid headaches and save you a lot of money.

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