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Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs Repair in Orlando, Florida.

Metal roofs are popular for their extended longevity. If they’re installed correctly and with quality materials, a metal roof can sometimes last up to 40 years with only minor repairs. 


As a homeowner with a metal roofed home, however, it is extremely important to make any roof repairs needed as soon as you find them. Letting roof damage linger can cause the life span to decrease dramatically and can lead to other problems with the home. Here at Sky Light Roofing, we have years of experience in identifying possible problems with metal roofs. Here are a few signs that a metal roof repairOrlando may be needed on your home.


Leaking. When a metal roof begins to leak, it can largely be blamed on the way it was installed. A seam may not be sealed or there may be a gap in materials. Over time, this may also happen due to deterioration of the materials. If you’re noticing any wet spots in your attic or any water stains on your ceiling, give a roofing expert at Sky Light Roofing a call as soon as possible. It’s important to get any metal roof leaks repairs taken care of as soon as they’re spotted. If you can see remnants of a leak on your ceiling or in your attic, chances are the roof has been leaking for quite some time. It can cause damage to the roof decking, making the repair bigger and more involved.



Rusting. A metal roof generally won’t start to show signs of rusting until it’s coming in on the end of its life. However, if there are certain isolated spots that are showing rusting, it may mean that the metal roof simply needs a repair in those areas. The sealant may have worn off, exposing these particular areas to weather and leading to rust. Sometimes, these roof repairs are as easy as a Sky Light Roofing expert reinstalling a pane of metal in place of the rust. Rusting can seriously affect the strength of your metal roof, so it’s important to get any rusty spots checked out immediately by a professional.


Dents or Dings. Hail storms or overhanging tree limbs may be to blame for any metal roof damage that look like dings, dents, or holes. Whatever the culprit for this damage is, it’s important to get the metal roof repaired right away when any of these damages are noticed. A compromise in the roof can lead to other damage in the home and can also lead to leaks. If you notice any dings or dents in your metal roof, give Sky Light Roofing a call as soon as possible so we can assess the damage for you.


Metal roof repairs are crucial for the life of your roof. If you think your metal roof may need a repair, give a roofing expert at Sky Light Roofing a call today at 407-430-7663!